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Product Description

Roller blinds from Lakeland Blinds Ltd are made to the highest standards and are suitable for a wide range of domestic and commercial applications. A slotted aluminium tube supports fabric which raises and lowers when controlled by a frictioned bead chain. This allows the blind to be stopped easily in any position up or down the window enabling effective and efficient control of light, heat and glare.


Mechanisms on our roller systems are designed for longevity with components manufactured from prime grade thermoplastics. One system is available to cover a wide variety of sizes to suit even the most challenging of locations. System 32 comprises a 32mm diameter tempered aluminium tube with a built in slot or strengthening fin which provides a high degree of torsional strength as well as maximum resistance from tube deflection. The tube has a wall thickness of 1.05mm and is made from 100% aluminium. This system allows for blinds up to 2500 wide by 2000mm drop. A patented universal side control operating unit features a stainless steel wrap-spring clutch mechanism with an end locking feature to secure the unit into the fixing brackets. A white plastic bead chain runs through the side control unit to allow adjustment of the blind to the desired position. A Nylon 6 sprung loaded plunger secures the opposite end of the blind enabling quick installation by a single individual. A solid PVC bottom bar weighing 250g/m is welded or sewn into the fabric to ensure the blind hangs straight and parallel.


Control Options

Blinds are manually controlled with a beaded chain which can be positioned either on the left or the right hand side of the blind. The pitch of the operating chain is designed to provide a smooth and silent operation even on the largest of blinds.


The mounting brackets are universal enabling quick and simple installation whilst minimising the light gap between the blind and any recess. Brackets are made of mild steel, zinc plated and powder coated and can be top, face or side fixed.


All fabrics within our extensive range have been specifically designed for roller blinds. A full range of colours and styles including woven, printed, jacquard and plain is available to suit any specification or requirement. A range of decorative finishes and scallops can also be added.  Contract fabrics are available in flame retardant fabrics and many feature solar protective, dim-out or blackout properties.