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Product Description

The venetian blind is a practical solution not only in offices but also private homes where the control of sunlight, daylight and privacy requires a functional, cost effective blind. Venetian blinds feature high quality slats manufactured from aluminium alloys in a range of colours that will readily blend with  traditional or contemporary design.


Venetian blinds feature a headrail manufactured from cold rolled steel 0.5mm thick which is corrosion resistant with a baked enamel surface. After painting, the headrail is formed into a ‘u’ shaped profile with rolled edges at the top. There are four different slat sizes available to properly suit a wide variety of window sizes. 16mm, 25mm 35mm and 50mmvenetian blinds are manufactured on headrail which is 27mm wide by 19mm deep and 50mm blinds are manufactured on headrail which is 38mm wide by 28mm deep. Each headrail system supports the slats and features a cord lock made from clear, durable plastic containing a brass roller. A 1.4mm or 2.0mm diameter braided polyester cord with reinforced core runs through the cord lock and the brass roller locks the cord at any length without tearing. This cord is used to raise and lower the blind to the desired position. The cord lock features a crash proof design to  prevent slipping and allows precise positioning of the blind up or down the window. A geared tilter mechanism is made of heavy duty non absorbent plastic which is resistant to heat and water. This tilter protrudes from the headrail and connects to a tubular plastic control wand which is used to operate the slats. The slats on 50mm blinds are opened and closed via an endless cord instead of a plastic wand. Slats are coated with the highest quality polyester based paint and tested via a process of accelerated weathering to withstand blistering, corrosion, peeling and adhesive failure. Ladder braids hold the slats level and are manufactured from high density braided polyester yarn. Each blind is finished with a bottom rail made from cold rolled steel.


Control Options

Blinds are manually controlled with a lift cord to raise and lower the slats and a plastic tilt wand to tilt the slats forwards and backwards. These controls can be positioned either on the left or the right hand side of the blind.



A wide variety of brackets are available enabling venetian blinds to be fitted under virtually any circumstances. Fixing brackets are made from galvanised steel and can be face fixed and top fixed to a variety of locations. Moulded hold down brackets connect to the bottom rail if required to secure the blind to the bottom of the window or door.


A spectacular collection of colours is available across the four slat sizes. In addition to a range of matt and gloss finishes additional finishes including satin, metallic, pearlescent, perforated and patterned are also available in many different colours. We also do Venetians that look like wood in various different colours available in 25mm and 50mm.  All 16mm, 25mm and 50mm blinds are fully colour coordinated having matching headrails, bottom rails, slats and cords. All 35mm blinds come with White headrails, bottom rails and cords.