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Product Description

Wooden blinds are made to the highest standards and balance contemporary styling with traditional appeal. A robust headrail supports wooden slats made from the finest basswood that can be tilted to perfectly control both light and privacy. Ideally suited to all  locations but especially practical in lounges, dining rooms and offices.


Wooden venetian blinds are available in three different slat sizes. Slats are contemporary 25mm, elegant 35mm or versatile 50mm. Blinds are supported on an aluminium headrail which comes in a variety of colours to match the chosen slat. 25mm and 35mm blinds are ideal  for smaller windows and doors and are manufactured using headrail measuring 40mm x 40mm deep. 50mm blinds are manufactured using headrail 51mm x 40mm deep and are suitable for large windows up to 2400mm wide by 3000mm drop. Each headrail features a multi stop cord lock enabling precise control of the blind, even with the largest of sizes. A 2.3mm diameter braided polyester cord runs through the cord lock. The cord features a nylon reinforced core to prevent tearing and breakage. A knurled brass roller locks the cord in place  allowing the blind to be raised or lowered to the desired position. Ladder braids which are anchored to moulded plastic ladder supports are manufactured from high density braided polyester yarn hold the slats evenly and level. Wooden slats are between 2.5mm and 3.1mm thick and are made from Basswood which is sourced from certified sustainable forests. Basswood is pale in colour, has a straight grain with a fine uniform texture which resists bowing. It is comparable in weight to Mahogany and is processed using the latest technology and stained, lacquered and polished to produce a scratch resistant satin finish. All blinds are finished with matching wooden bottom rails and a sculptured timber pelmet which perfectly conceals the headrail and its workings. Optional extras including wide  ladder tapes in contrasting colours provide the finishing touch to this product.

Control Options

Blinds are manually control with a lift cord to raise and lower the slats and control cords to tilt the slats backwards and forwards. These controls can be positioned on either side of the blind or both together on the same side.


A selection of installation brackets is available ensuring that our wooden blinds can be perfectly fitted to virtually any window or door. Brackets are made from galvanised steel and power coated to match the headrail. Each bracket can be face fixed, top fixed or side fixed.


A stunning range of contemporary colours is available from White and Ecru through to warm wood tones of Dark Pine and Walnut. All blinds are fully colour coordinated with matching headrails, bottom rails, slats, cords and acorns.